“i’m not good at telling stories.” all the more reason to tell stories. “i’m not good at expressing my thoughts.” all the more reason to write. – the two devils in my head

“Our time and energy and attention are our most precious assets. You don’t get to save those in a bank account, they are gone when you use them, and they are gone even if you waste them.” – Dave Asprey

Stop Attaching Your Self-Worth to Material Objects: Clothes

We live in a material world, as Barbie clearly states in her song. And in a material world, that means our economy is depended upon its citizens buying and selling goods. That is what our country is based on! No wonder people have huge houses and seek to buy objects to fill space. No wonder … More Stop Attaching Your Self-Worth to Material Objects: Clothes

What is Normal?

If you surround yourself with people with poor habits, you will be more prone to develop those same habits. If you surround yourself with people whose interests intercepts with yours, you will be more prone to grow those interests. I just listened to James Altucher’s podcast with Jon Morrow. He is paralyzed from the neck … More What is Normal?

True To Yourself

Everyone has issues. There is not one person out there who lives the “perfect life.” It might seem like it because of the way they decide to showcase their life. At the end of the day though, we all have buried insecurities, family issues, seemingly unattainable goals. So why hide it? If we were to … More True To Yourself

Roadtrip Day 1

Friday night, I said goodbye to some people whom I had just gotten to know. I had only worked at this restaurant for about two and a half months. Saturday morning was a bit of a rush trying to get everything ready and done– packing, making sure the house was shut down, putting food into … More Roadtrip Day 1

Atrophied Muscles

I haven’t worked out in about two weeks. I am so used to work out with a consistent routine that when I don’t do it, my mind and muscles can really feel the pain. Like something gnawing at me. I started working out in college, developing a pattern of going to the gym, a two-minute … More Atrophied Muscles